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Hazardous Area

SkillsTech runs a full range of Hazardous Area training. HA courses are intended for electrical workers, technicians and engineers. including basic, advanced and refresher.

High-Density Polyethylene, Hot tapping & Squeeze Off

The HDPE Centre of Excellence has been established in collaboration with TAFE Queensland SkillsTech, PFT and George Fischer to train Polyethylene (PE) welders in Butt and Electofusion, Hot tapping and Squeeze Off.

Instrumentation and Control

The SkillsTech instrumentation team can provide your staff with the practical skills and knowledge to select, install, test, fault find, repair and maintain systems related process control (including PLC, SCADA & Yokogawa DCS).

Gas Pipelines

SkillsTech is the only TAFE in Australia to have trained operator maintainer staff on the SANTOS GLNG 42”, 470 km GTP at both Gladstone/Curtis Island and at Fairview.

Gas Pipelines Interconnector

SkillsTech is has just completed the training for operator maintainer staff on the SANTOS GLNG GTP (Gas Transmission Pipeline) and QGC Interconnector at Larcom.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech (SkillsTech) is the largest public provider of trade and technician training in Australia with in excess of 15,000 students annually undertaking studies in the automotive, building and construction, electrical and electronics, process control/instrumentation, mechanical, manufacturing and engineering, and sustainable technologies industries.

SkillsTech has extensive experience in the RPL assessment and delivery of PMA08 - Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining Training Package and UEG11 - Gas Industry Training Package as well as a variety of other trade and non-trade qualifications applicable to CSG/LNG proponents.

Non-Trade offerings include:
Training and Assessment (TAE),
Workplace Assessor (WPA),
Frontline Management (FLM) and
Project Management (PM) etc.

Gas-centric programs include:
*High-density polyethylene (HDPE/PE100) welding,
*Triethylene glycol (TEG operation),
*Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP),
*Cathodic protection,
*Hazardous area for Gas installations (Awareness, Refresher and Design),
*Oil lift Well Heads and silent Hydraulic Pressure Units (HPU),
*Prime movers/stationary gas fuelled engines,
*Variable Speed/frequency Drives (VSD) units,
*Compressor training/recip/screw/centrifugal,
Water operations including AWAF/RO,
*Process instrumentation,
*Type B Exemption Course
*DSC/SCADA, industrial IT/fieldbus/profibus/HART and
*Verification of competency (VOC).

* Physical equipment at SkillsTech campus
Garry Hargreaves - TAFE Queensland SkillsTech
CSG/ LNG Account Manager

Monday, 18 May 2015

Fairview SANTOS GTP Training up to MLV160

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech has successfully delivered an extensive four week training program for the GLNG Upstream Operators from Wallumbilla, east of Roma.   The program consisted of two weeks of enterprise Gas Transmission Pipeline(GTP) theory followed by two weeks of onsite practical lessons, moving from F-PCS-01 near the Scraper Launcher Trap at Fairview to MLV160 (main line valve at 160 kms).
Instructor Mal Garrick and participants travelled to MLV160 checking the operation of the Saipem built DN1050 Pipeline against the Saipem operating manual.  The operations of the MLVs, limits switches, catholic Protection, solar panels and batteries, instrumentation, Comm’s huts, PSV, hand control valves and control settings were inspected and checked to ensure correct operation.
The GTP has a maximum capacity of approximately 1400 million standard cubic feet per day) which is required to operate the two LNG trains on Curtis Island at a minimum pressure output GTP of 6.5MPag. The pipeline configuration which satisfies the requirements is a DN1050 (42”) diameter with 10.2 MPag design pressure equal to the pipeline maximum allowable operating pressure.   This upstream pipeline training followed on from previous training delivered to the downstream operators from MLV 270 to Curtis Island locations.  The Santos EQ Pipeline GLNG Upstream Operators were extremely pleased with the training delivered by TAFE Queensland SkillsTech and provided positive feedback.

For details on the upstream training refer to:


Friday, 10 April 2015

Verification of Competency - TAFE Queensland SkillsTech - Wheatstone LNG Project, Onslow WA.

TQ SkillsTech visits Wheatstone LNG Project, Onslow WA.

In February 2015, the Wheatstone Craft Skills Training Centre sponsored an onsite training forum to give preferred training organisations the opportunity to meet with on-site subcontractors to exhibit verification of competency and training product solutions.

A group of thirty-one (31) craft preferred suppliers attended the forum. TQ SkillsTech showcased training products for the CSG/LNG sector which included VoCs, gas industry awareness programs, process plant operations qualifications and recognition of prior learning.  A tour of the Wheatstone site build was also undertaken by the group.

Donna Playford, Business Manager represented TQ SkillsTech at the forum and stated that ‘the opportunity to build relationships and visit the site to see the progress of the plant was invaluable’.  Representatives were accommodated at the 1056 bed Fly Camp and toured the onshore LNG plant and construction village sites. The entire construction village will eventually house around 5,000 workers. Graeme McCauley, Training Supervisor, Wheatstone Project LNG Plant, Bechtel (Western Australia) who put together the arrangements for the forum, said that ‘it was a success in a great number of ways’.

TQ SkillsTech conduct verification of competency services for numerous subcontractors of the Wheatstone LNG Project for electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning, diesel mechanic, fitter and turner, welding, HDPE, process instrumentation, painting and sandblasting and waste water treatment trades.  For more details on VOC service (Verification of Competency), call: 

Donna Playford
Business Manager
Educational Delivery

T:  +617 3259 3058
F:  +617 3259 3110
A:  776 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm, 4009